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Write with us in the Hummingbird Sessions. Open to all and free.
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"I love what you are able to draw out of me with your prompts and with your spirit. How you set the prompt up, the space you give for my own thoughts to surface, the thoughtfulness of the prompts, etc. all work together to generate writing I am still working with and that feels authentic and opens my heart."

- Carolee Cole, fellow writer

Spark your writing in a "just enough" practice of beginnings.

15-minute writing sessions. Hosted on Zoom. With closed captions and recordings.
Led by Emily Stoddard, founder of Voice & Vessel. Free and open to all.

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    Writing is one way we can find a center in uncertain times. I created the Hummingbird Sessions in March 2020. The hope was to find a simple creative rhythm together as we face the pandemic.

    Now, at the start of 2021, we're approaching our 100th session. Over 500 writers are making this space together. And every session feels like a reminder: the creative act really does make a difference, even (and especially) in these small doses.

    Like a hummingbird, these writing sessions are free and fleeting... just long enough to gather a little energy, a little sweetness to keep writing. And not so long that we feel the Zoom fatigue!

    All voices and experience levels are invited. In each session, I share prompts to help us meet the blank page. I also share a closing practice to guide you toward deeper writing or reflection, if you want a bit more creative solitude after we say goodbye.

    I'm excited to write together in the new year. Thanks for making this space for your voice and for giving me the chance to support you!

    Emily Stoddard, writer and founder of Voice & Vessel

    Emily Stoddard
    Voice & Vessel