Online writing sessions, led by Emily Stoddard of Voice & Vessel

"I write with you occasionally in the Hummingbird Sessions and took your poetry course recently. I love what you are able to draw out of me with your prompts and with your spirit. How you set the prompt up, the space you give for my own thoughts to surface, the thoughtfulness of the prompts, etc., all work together to generate writing I am still working with and that feels authentic and opens my heart."

Carolee Cole

free online writing gatherings,
with prompts & guidance to find
new possibilities in your voice

Hummingbird Sessions

Writing may not solve a pandemic or cure every worry, but it's one way we can find a center in the midst of uncertainty. I'm so grateful for the 400+ writers who are coming together for these 15-minute, pop-up writing sessions via Zoom (with a recording for those who can't join us live). Like a hummingbird, these are free and fleeting... just long enough for us to gather a little energy, a little sweetness to keep going.

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